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WordCamp Miami Sessions Part 1

I’m very much looking forward to WordCamp Miami 2020 and with just a few days until kickoff, I wanted to share the sessions that I’ve marked as must see for Saturday morning. Everyone has different needs but these are the ones I’m personally looking forward to, let’s get to it. Below are the times, speakers, and a one sentence summary.

Saturday, February 29, Morning Sessions

9:00 Are You Designing For Your User? All Of Them?

“From simple fixes to more complex custom coding within your theme, there are many ways we can make the experience for your client just as seamless and enjoyable as their site visitors.”

TRACY APPS | @tapps

9:40 How To Make Your WordPress Business Support Driven

“Being support driven ensures your “product” always has a feedback loop, ensures your clients feel heard and get the results they need; and ensures that your leadership is always improving.”

MATT CROMWELL | @learnwithmattc
KIMBERLY LIPARI | @kimberlylipari

10:20 Create Stunning Layouts With Various Image Blocks In Gutenberg

“A big wall of text scarces people on the Internet.”


11:00 Introduction To WP Security

“I’m not here to make your head pop off with mind boggling hardening tricks.”

NILE FLORES | @blondishnet

11:40 Clever Ways To Help Automate Content Creation With WordPress!

“You’ll learn how to use RSS feeds, API integrations, and other techniques and services that create automated content for your site.”


12:00 You Have To Speak. Now What?

In this session, attendees will learn what to do Before, During and After presenting a talk.


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