Yes that’s my made up word for love of Friday the 13th, it’s Friday – what’s not to love about that! – and also my sister’s birthday, so super shout out to a wonderful woman and mother! Don’t worry this won’t be a list of 13 items.

Automating Success

Let’s get positive with gain, Learn the Secrets of Highly Successful Marketing Teams: “Automation can help overcome many of the challenges remote working presents. It reduces repetitive workloads and the time saved can be used more productively. It channels processes to minimize miscommunication and keep everyone on the same page. Automation can even help you retain customers and grow your business.” Really, take the time to figure out how even simple tools you may already be using can improve repetitive work. If I have to do anything more than twice, I start planning for automation.

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Though it’s taken 13+1 years, this is an amazing milestone, big big shoutout to the Envato team for generating so much revenue in the WordPress ecosystem, WP Tavern, Envato Passes $1 Billion in Community Earnings …: “Elements may not be the right choice for every Envato creator, but the company’s investment in the service is now pulling in $40 million in annual recurring revenue as of 2018-2019, accounting for 35% of Envato’s $113M in revenue for 2019.” These are staggering numbers and proves two very important things, first, the WordPress ecosystem is a monster of an economy, and two, understanding marketplaces can build huge value.

You Can Compete!

There are many stories of applications (now SaaS) being Sherlocked but you can mitigate and even be quite successful, SaaStr, Just Assume Your Top Partners Eventually Compete With You. It’s OK.: “Not only does competition grow as folks take notice of your progress — especially after about 4-5 years, once you get big enough even the top execs at BigCos can see it — but it often starts with your partners. […] Most important, the maths favor you — if you have a great, agile team.”

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