So this is a little breaking news in the domain name ecosystem, fresh in my inbox from Jothan Frakes, .TRUST TLD moves from NCC Group to UNR (Uniregistry). There are so many top-level domains (TLDs) that it’s hard to keep track but surprised this one hasn’t had more play this year. In the domain name world, there are a few of the new TLDs that have been lightly launched or are still green fields. The .TRUST TLD had been launched by NCC Group at a high price point and strict qualifications for registration, but has sat somewhat dormant and unused. It will be interesting to see if UNR can expand the potential of this TLD.

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SaaS Monetization

If you want to know how SaaS and other marketplaces are making money, Jacek Łubiński at Market One Capital Corner delivers a comprehensive description on different strategies and which ones are the most valuable as well as trends, Marketplace monetization methods (2020 edition): “We see more and more signals that every software company becomes fintech-enabled. Basic financial product offering can be built in-house using integrations with financial services providers.” Very very worth reading!

Another #Fing Newsletter

Kim Doyal has just amped up the bblalsd with the #FtheHustle newsletter, Issue 01: “First, if you’re not sure what #FtheHustle is all about, I wrote a full post on what it means and why I think we need this now more than ever.I’m a firm believer in hard work and mastery, but not at the expense of everything else in my life. The best part about #FtheHustle is that you can still create what you want, without burning yourself out.

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