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How To In-Person?

When was the last time you were at a conference with 200+ attendees? For me it’s been a while, and I was doing it multiple times a month at one point. Let’s pretend you are past all the potential Covid anxiety issues. I wasn’t but a few things made me feel better. What should you expect?

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How about a simple bulleted list for this update, after the setup of course? So not only was I attending an event, I was attending it on behalf of Cloudways, which actually meant getting the table ready, swagging it up, painting my face (getting the curls on the mustache just right), and putting on a smile. The event was the absolutely, mind blowingly, informative and community drive Agency Management Institute’s Build a Better Agency Summit (#BABAsummit21). Follow the links, you’ll learn a ton!

  1. A well run event like BABA will have awesome and strict Covid protocols:
    • No messing around policy, follow the rules or don’t show up
    • Easily submit vax or negative documentation
    • Human verification
  2. No one knows how to great each other, ask permission, joke around, but don’t be offended if you or the other person automatically thrusts out their arm for a handshake and then pulls it back.
  3. Being around people is exhausting, and I’m a pretty good extrovert, after two days I was more tired than I would have ever expected, it’s the unsaid Covid tensions, and frankly the lack of “practice” over 18 months.
  4. When it’s fun, it is fun, everyone is filled with the excitement of meeting new folks but tempered by anxieties, it’s the tension that subconsciously tires you out.
  5. Pace yourself! Your first event is going to be a big deal whether you know it or not, I thought I was ready but there is just SO MUCH going on that when you are working from home isn’t part of the routine.

Yup, that’s it, a quick 5. Looking forward to a new routine but who knows.

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