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Shared SMS Short Codes Ending

Have you ever wondered why the text message you received from your bank, and maybe added it to your contacts list, is suddenly coming from your dry cleaner? These five or six digit “phone numbers” are called SMS Short Codes. Like a web hosting provider which has shared or dedicated host, you can utilize shared or dedicated SMS phone numbers. Well according to Omnisend, Changes in SMS Regulations: “AT&T and T-Mobile have announced that they will no longer support shared short codes as of March 1, 2021 in order to safeguard the end-customers from potentially spammy and confusing texting.” Verizon in fact began supporting 10DLCs (10 Digit Long Codes) back in 2020.

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While the point of the the post is to show how Omnisend is built to be ready to handle this change, there is a lot of good information regarding the SMS short code space. Yup you’ll learn more about time to provisioning and performance of the different types of codes now available in the industry. If you utilizing SMS or an ecommerce / WooCommerce email solution I highly recommend understand the changing SMS landscape.

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