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Your Site is Broken Because of Ad Blockers?!

I’ve been coming across the problem of sites breaking because of ad blockers. This has got to be one of the most ridiculous developer / product manager created situations in a while. I’m not talking about a news site that yells at you with an interstitial or something. I whitelist the sites that are worth it because they deserve the ad revenue but if your site is an application, you’ve done something very poorly implementing your product.

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I use 1Blocker since it can sync preferences easily across my Apple devices. One site that I recently utilized would not run correctly when trying to cancel a specific aspect of my service. Bing, DoubleClick, Qualtrics, and Facebook are all scripts being called when I’m trying to execute this transaction. This doesn’t even include a few internal trackers. One of these scripts is probably blocking subsequent scripts from running. This absolutely begs the question of why on earth would you do something so ridiculous and how many people realize how deeply within a very public site you are being tracked for mundane tasks.

Call me frustrated and disappointed.

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