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Cart Abandonment Incentives: The Pros, Cons, and How to Make Them Effective

From the omnisend blog and Whitney Blankenship, an informative piece on cart abandonment and things I’ve not thought of before but I think there is a little burying of the lede:

Whether or not you decide to use an incentive will completely depend on whether it makes sense for your brand and customers. If you do decide that incentives are right for your ecommerce brand, there are a few key strategies that will make them pack the biggest punch possible. By choosing the right incentives, the right channels, and the right timing, you can recover potential lost sales with your cart abandonment workflows.

I like that workflows for on-site are examined but please don’t tell me any customer likes getting an email or text saying “why didn’t you buy?” Maybe it’s just me but having received these kinds of emails, I feel creeped out and over analyzed (monetized?).

This post was featured in #MorningCoffee on June 10, 2020.

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