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Avoiding Website Ratholes: Advice for SaaS Marketers

From Peter Cohen, principal of SaaS Marketing Strategy Advisors:

In other words, nobody’s really happy with their existing website.

That’s fair and I know this goes into tips on overhauling your website but I believe overhauls should be much more a part of a long term strategy than a knee jerk reaction. That’s not what Peter is saying but I think businesses have a tendency to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

One of the most challenging parts of overhauling a website, or building one from scratch, is all the choices.  You need to make decisions about design, text, navigation, development, illustrations, ad infinitum. 
Though certain conventions have been established (e.g. a navigation bar running horizontally across the top of the page), there are still millions of details to wade through.  I’ve had discussions about the right color of a person’s hair in a stock photo, I kid you not.  Working through all these issues large and small, it’s easy to get lost, stuck, or frustrated.  You can head down a lot of ratholes.

And that’s why overhauls should be very carefully considered in the bigger scheme of value.

This post was featured in #MorningCoffee on June 10, 2020.

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