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Morning Coffee: June 8, 2020

This is #MorningCoffee, what I’ve read to start the day, and you should too. The daily download for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, hosting, SaaS, and important topics. Comments, feedback, or requests are welcome on Twitter.

With open source being utilized everywhere and all the time of course there will be more vulnerabilities found – but doubling is a lot. My hope is that people are also looking for them more (good guys not bad guys). (ZDNet) Vulnerabilities in popular open source projects doubled in 2019

In the “No Surprises” category welcome to NO Net Neutrality and lots of people will complain but you’ll see plenty more of this unless the regulations are changed. (The Verge) Senators criticize AT&T for not counting HBO Max toward data caps

Why does this totally make me think of Tom Petty – “The real reason people and objects float in orbit is because that they are in free fall.” (Cosmic Companion) How microgravity changes the bodies of astronauts

A real and good FINALLY! After 10 years the treasure has been found. Congrats to hider and seekers. (CNN) A treasure chest hidden in Rocky Mountains for 10 years has finally been found

This is a fascinating and dense read on labor markets but the summary has some shocking statements including “…freelancing decreases workers’ odds of securing full-time employment by about 30 percent.” (Oxford Academic) The Labor Market Consequences of Freelancing in the New Economy

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