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Reaction Moves from Marketing to Digital

Ok, this is a guilty pleasure update about an agency I’ve personally known for a long time. They’re based out of Canada, and I met their CEO, Mike Szyszka, back in the Joomla days.

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I’ve been able to see Reaction grow and evolve for over a decade, now of course WordPress focused, and they just had their 13th anniversary with a kickoff rebranding the entire practice. What’s great about this is the transparency of the process. Even though they are a digital agency, they actually worked with outside consultants to get fresh eyes on their business.

Hello! Brilliant!

Navel gazing only get’s you so far, and it does take a little gumption to get to the point (especially if you’ve been successful) to realize you may not have all the answers – especially about yourself.

Over the course of 5 videos, they go over the much of the process. I’m linking to one of them on YouTube, Designing a New Logo and Brand Identity for Reaction Digital. Good folks and happy to see their success.

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