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CloudFest 2021 Recap Mashup

CloudFest 2021 was held March 23 – 25 online. Was going to do my own post conference review but I just didn’t have as much time to fully appreciate it that would warrant a recap. Luckily we have three other recaps from which we can pull.

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What is CloudFest?

CloudFest has a long history and gone by a few different names. It pivoted to CloudFest in 2018. They have a great history page which will do better justice than I could, suffice it to say that it is an enormous in-person conference with networking and business “dealings” beyond compare. I did a CloudFest overview on the organization when it was sold by GoDaddy earlier this year. Oh, it’s also held in a German theme park. THEME PARK! Yes I sent you to the original German language version in that link, enjoy the attractions bei Deutschlands Grösster Freizeitpark 😀

cPanel Recap

Let’s start with cPanel’s take on the event by Jason Nickerson. Note, cPanel and WHMCS are part of WebPros which was a sponsor of CloudFest 2021. Back to the recap, CloudFest 2021 In Review: “CloudFest is an international Cloud Computing and Webhosting event drawing thousands of attendees from more than 70 countries. It was decided to cancel the 2020 conference due to the pandemic, but for 2021 CloudFest pivoted into a three-day virtual event.” I can’t help but point out this paragraph about Day 2 because I was the moderator, “We kicked things off with a standing-room-only Masterclass Panel discussion on Contributing to WordPress, followed by a demonstration of the WP Toolkit from cPanel Product Owner, TJ Danklefs.  Industry analyst Robert Jacobi led the discussion on how companies can best contribute to WordPress effectively and beneficially. Panelists included WordPress core contributors, WordPress Hosts, Google, and WordPress agencies.”

What’s missing in this blurb is what we were all “panel-ing” about, Contributing to WordPress: What’s in for us? In attendance on the panel were amazing folk that many of you may already know and I feel they all deserve an extra shoutout.

cPanel is actually not giving itself enough credit for putting together their Women in Tech panel. I certainly don’t believe it’s intentional rather a byproduct of decades of a non-inclusive industry but CloudFest is very very white, and very very male. It was a small step in the right direction and I think made a louder impact in the halls of CloudFest leadership than people realize.


Over at WHMCS blog, WHMCS at CloudFest 2021: “We had a great time at CloudFest, the world’s largest conference for Cloud Computing and Web Hosting, and we hope you did too. The three-day event included educational sessions, networking, and exciting late-night events, all in a new, online-only format.” It’s a tiny recap compared to the one from cPanel but does make sure to mention again that most of the content is still available for folk who register even after the conference. WHMCS’s recap focuses on their participation, which is fine but I know I would’ve enjoyed a broader review (maybe next year? 😉).


For those that don’t know, I speak German, but these guys have awesome and spot on translations of their CloudFest post in English and French, IT-techBlog, CloudFest 2021: Das alles passiert an drei Tagen rund um das Thema Cloud Computing: “An drei Tagen bietet das CloudFest zahlreiche interessante Techsessions. So ist der erste Tag überschrieben mit „The Intelligent Cloud“. Dabei dreht sich Vieles um die Künstliche Intelligenz und wie diese hilft, Cloud-Infrastrukturen und -Daten schlauer und sicherer zu machen. Dazu werden Experten zu Wort kommen, unter anderem Hannes Schwaderer von Intel und Stephan Teinertvon der Wortmann AG.”

Fine, if you’re not going to click through, the blurb in English: “The CloudFest offers numerous interesting tech sessions over three days . The first day is entitled “The Intelligent Cloud”. A lot revolves around artificial intelligence and how it helps to make cloud infrastructures and data smarter and more secure. Experts will have their say, including Hannes Schwaderer from Intel and Stephan Teinert from Wortmann AG.”

My Thoughts?

Like I said, this is short and sweet from my perspective. The content I was able to see or take part in was top notch. CloudFest really is great at getting amazing keynotes together. It also really makes me miss the in-person marathon that is CloudFest. I’m very much looking forward to CloudFest 2022.

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