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GoDaddy Pro Expand 2021

With the relaunch of GoDaddy Pro as a separate sub-brand of GoDaddy and The Hub, I knew there were going to be some great things coming from the team. We have our first big thing, GoDaddy Pro will be launching their first Expand event April 27 – 28.

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What I like from the start is that Expand looks to be tightly produced and human/screen friendly. Let’s take a look at that schedule.

GoDaddy Pro Expand is a two day virtual event, but pleasantly not two whole days of staring at a screen. Over the last year it’s become more and more apparent that humans just can’t enjoy and learn from a virtual conference that goes 8+ hours in a given day – thank goodness for being able to watch recordings after those events. Each day is a very manageable 3 hours! Starting at noon CT and ending somewhere by 3:00 PM CT is great planning. The other thing is that it’s not one giant corporate sales pitch, which I have seen in some other corporate sponsored events. Not including a couple of GoDaddy and GoDaddy Pro speakers, in no particular order, there is a wide assortment of talent scheduled from Google, UXATT, JPDesign Theory, WP Care Market, My Web Audit and WooCommerce. Of course the full schedule is available with times and topics. And yes, Aman Bhutani, CEO of GoDaddy, will kick it all off.

Over at WP Tavern, they have a great piece and I want to point out the target audience portion, GoDaddy Pro Will Kick off 2-Day Expand Event on April 27: “The target audience is described as “web designers and developers who identify as eager side hustlers or website freelancers.” The conference’s sessions are meant to provide instructions, resources, and connections to help developers grow their businesses.” As much as this is a very agnostic statement in theory, in practice this is very WordPress forward.

On a final note, Expand is going to be much bigger than just what we expect to be an annual conference, again from WP Tavern, “The effort is about creating a series of GoDaddy Pro Expand events globally in the coming months and years that help the community.” I’m going to assume that Expand will supplant, or at least expand upon (pun intended), the existing Pro Events and become and integral part of The Hub.

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