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Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law

I’ll probably keep writing about name confusion for a while with the hopes that the greater digital press understands what’s going on, and here is a helpful primer from Matt himself 10 years ago: A New Home for the WordPress Trademark, with a very salient comment in the thread, “Correct — (Automattic) and .net/.org (me) are grandfathered in as part of the transfer, so they’ll continue to operate as before, but no special rights for any new domains which would need to go through the Foundation just like anyone else. I’m not really worried about that as there are no plans to call anything new “WordPress.”” So writers of the world, if it’s build by Automattic let’s be clear about it. Call it by Automattic (it’s a mouthful but the only way to clear things up unless/until .com reverts to the foundation but I don’t see that happening).

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