Yes mom always said “stuff” is not a word, and I’ve passed on that mantra to my daughter, however there is a potpourri of good stuff to talk about. First, there will be an exciting interview coming out next week, for those who are subscribed to Pot of Coffee, you’ll get to see it first in the weekend’s newsletter. Second, very happy to let everyone know that friend of Morning Coffee, Bridget Willard very recently released a paperback and ebook, Keys to Being Social: Being Real in a Virtual World: “When it comes to marketing online, if your mindset is off, your strategy will be, too. “Keys to Being Social” covers the qualities and benefits of a social mindset.  You’ll learn the overarching mentality required for your small business to succeed on social — by being a real person in a virtual world.” My copy arrives tomorrow and can’t wait to see how it helps.

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Celebrating a Blog

Now normally another blog popping up would not be so news-worthy but a collaboration between WordPress VIP and Salesforce is worth noting (n.b. Salesforce is an investor in Automattic, the company behind WordPress VIP), Celebrating The 360 Blog, a new milestone from Salesforce and WordPress VIP: “Behind the scenes, WordPress VIP and our agency partner 10up worked hand-in-hand with Salesforce’s team to build, migrate, and deploy this new digital experience on the VIP Cloud. The project builds on the success of other launches on our platform including the Salesforce Newsroom and is a key demonstration of the agility that WordPress VIP provides. Core to our mission is to empower customers like Salesforce to focus less on infrastructure and more on delivering a valuable customer experience.”

Let’s Ace the Run-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BF/CM)

Time is running out, email marketing and omnichannel providers and providing tons of useful information that is on the whole platform and vendor agnostic. From Omnisend, 4 Data-Driven Strategies to Help You Ace Your Email Marketing Game: “Being data-driven about email means that you can take a scientific approach to the way you’re engaging your customers. It allows you to reliably test and test again the look and feel, the copy, and the CTAs in each email. Doing so means that you can optimize how you’re showing up in the digital space and help you to stand out from the crowd. And in today’s crowded and competitive digital environment, that’s more important than ever.” For nonprofits, Constant Contact, A Simple Online Marketing Plan for Nonprofit Year-End Success: “Online marketing and donations will play a key role in your success and setting up a plan now will keep you on track through the busy season while still getting the word out about your cause.”

Movers and Shakers

But wait, there is more, Shakers coming up …

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