A little Public Service Announcement, I am very cognizant of keeping this site as apolitical as possible but just like the world is round, 1 + 1 = 2, and rain is wet; voting should be seen as a no brainer and the civic duty of all eligible US citizens. I don’t care who you vote for, how you vote, or why you’ve chosen (at least not in this forum) but as a first generation American whose parents left lands that didn’t grant such an opportunity, voting was taught as a must do. In two weeks the general election will be occurring and I truly hope that you will take up the right and privilege to put your beliefs into action.

So a bit of a repeat from last Tuesday’s Morning Coffee since I haven’t seen any updates to the site: “Election Day in the United States is exactly three weeks away. I recently came across ElectionDay.org and was curious if any of the WordPress ecosystem giants had signed on (non-embedded Google Doc link here). Well they have not and I think it would be great to see Automattic, WP Engine, GoDaddy, Endurance (bluehost), and Deluxe (Hostopia and many more) take up the call. If you think this is about politics, it’s not, it’s about citizenship, and I feel that all voting eligible citizens should take every election seriously. Stepping off my tiny soapbox now. Thanks for listening.”

That should be the last outreach on voting, ok I’ll probably not be able to help myself on November 3. I’ll return tomorrow to our regular and industry topical “broadcast.”

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