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A Call to the Joomla Community to Actively Participate in 2018 Elections

It’s that time of year again! Elections for the board of Open Source Matters, Inc. happen twice a year at 6 month intervals, and the next elections are right around the corner. The deadline for nominees to accept their nominations are quickly approaching. Nominees for each position have until this Saturday, August 11, to accept their nomination and officially enter the running.

Per the Joomla website, the process for elections is as follows:

  • Each Department Coordinator and Team Leader will cast one (1) vote each for each Officer Position. These votes will be tallied within each department and the results of this tally will serve as the Department’s vote for the officer.
  • Additionally each existing Officer (President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer) will also cast one (1) vote for each Position.
  • The four (4) Officer votes will be added to the department votes and the candidate with the most votes for each position will be duly elected.

In the spirit of promoting transparency within our open source community—and because I strongly believe in each person that I’ve nominated—I’m choosing to publish my submissions. I strongly encourage the rest of the community to consider my thoughts below and, regardless of whether or not you are in agreement, to participate in this year’s elections by encouraging the following or other potential nominees. Just as with any election, it’s a privilege not to be taken lightly.

Sandy Edwards – Marketing and Communications Department Coordinator

Sandy is an exceptional marketer in the open source world. Having founded a successful digital marketing firm, she has taken that success and pushed herself in open source. She is well known not only for her professional accomplishments but many years of bringing the power of open source to new generations. There is no one more qualified to turn around Joomla in this area.

Viktor Vogel – Programs Department Coordinator

Viktor has been an outstanding and dedicated leader within the Programs Department for a number of years. His professionalism, joy, and commitment are infectious qualities that help grow the project.

Brian Teeman – Vice President

As a founder of Joomla, today Brian holds a unique historical and experience driven perspective. Brian was successful at growing the project and more than ever is his voice needed to balance a board of directors whose lack of professional experience and lack of will to understand the open source and professional needs of today is marginalizing a great platform and community.

Jason Rosenbaum – Treasurer

The role of Treasures is one of the most critical in Joomla. The position requires experience, discipline, and accountability. Jason is eminently qualified on all counts. He currently serves as Assistant Treasurer and is prepared in all legal and fiscal responsibilities for the project. There is absolutely no one more appropriate.

Jason Nickerson – Legal & Finance Department Coordinator Replacement

Jason has been a successful leader of the Capital Team. His commitment to Joomla is without compare, promoting the project at events globally, so much so that he is very much the face of Joomla and in this enhanced role can provide immense value.

Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall– Events Department Coordinator

The events department has unfortunately languished in the absence of Rowan. We need that energy and commitment back with the person that was able to build events and that brought the community together.

That’s my two cents and I really hope that others in the community choose to help pave the path of Joomla in 2019. Our community thrives when we collaborate, challenge each other, and jointly walk towards continued innovation.

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