Joomla redid its logo! Just kidding. Slack redid its logo and to me, it looks a little too close for comfort. Green, orange, blue, and red - all separate without the overlap and different tones it used to have makes it eerily similar in style. From Joomla to slack in 5 easy steps:

Or course we need the Joomla logo (I'm not counting this as a step):

Joomla Logo

Step 1: Start with original and rotate the heads

Joomla to Slack, Step 3

Step 2: Cut some heads out

Joomla to Slack, Step 4

Step 3: Some rotation for the horizontals

Joomla to Slack, Step 1

Step 4: Cut out the circle head, paste 5 times in a row, repeat

Joomla to Slack, Step 2

Step 5: Put the heads and bodies together

Joomla to Slack, Step 5

And voila, Slack!

Slack Logo


Update: Changed the order of steps so the logo rotated into position.