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Update: OVHcloud Data Center Fire

Lots of updates coming in today regarding OVHcloud recovery at the Strasbourg data centers. Most recent and best reporting comes courtesy of Data Centre Dynamics, OVH fire update: four halls of SBG1 destroyed, as well as all of SBG2: “No cause has yet been announced for the fire, which destroyed the SBG2 building in six hours on Wednesday morning before it was extinguished by a team of more than 100 international firefighters working with a pump boat on the Rhine. … During the initial disturbance 3.6 million websites, on 464,000 distinct domains were taken offline by the fire, according to network monitor site Netcraft.”

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Even though the first reports came out late yesterday (March 8) US time, this is still breaking. Charlie Osborne at ZDNet, OVHcloud data centers engulfed in flames: “The fire has now been quelled but an assessment of the overall damage caused to OVHcloud’s data centers may take some time. Impacted clients have been urged to turn to backups to minimize downtime and disruption.”

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There were concerns that Strasbourg Airport were initially impacted however they have had no issues so far. Updates from OVHcloud founder and chairman Octave Klaba, are being provided on Twitter:

Sources from all over are reporting the incident.

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