What? Who? David J.P. Fisher, Sales Hall of Fame Inductee, speaker, author, and coach, has put together his 5th-annual installment where he looks at how we can more effectively use the last week of the year, Create Massive Leverage with the Last Week of 2020: 18 Experts Show You How to Master 2021 Now: “When coming to the end of a year like 2020, how can you put a bow on it and move to the next? There are a lot of adjectives that have been floating around for the times we’re in (I’ve adopted “wack” or “wack-a-doo” as my go-to choices). But no matter what you call it, individually and collectively we’ve experienced a lot this year.” Yours truly does make an appearance but this really is a great read on how people are taking stocking and charging ahead.

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