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WordPress Core Editor Need for Speed Improvement

I’ll say it here again, I’m a huge fan of Gutenberg today, and the value proposition going forward. The genius contributors at Make WordPress Core have got some awesome speed improvements coming to WordPress.

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Anne McCarthy, Core Editor Improvement: Need for (page/post) Speed: “In today’s world, speed matters whether you’re trying to write a post in the editor or load a page as a visitor. Over the last couple of months, a lot has changed around performance to improve both of these aspects, but the changes might have happened so fast you missed them! This post will focus solely on front end performance with a future post in the works that covers performance-related changes to the editor itself. For now, read on to learn just how speedy the core editor makes your site and get excited because what’s discussed here is currently available in Gutenberg 10.1!”

I lay terms, I’m going to call this differential CSS. If I understand the update correctly, only the block styles used on a given post or page are processed for inline use. According to the post, previously “all styles for all blocks were enqueued in a single file causing extra page load.” There is a little more technical information about how this works with full-site editing (FSE) vs non-FSE themes. Overall an awesomely smart update.

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