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WordPress SaaS Companies, Making Moves

It’s been announced today that StagingPilot has been acquired by Pantheon, and everyone should be excited!

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StagingPilot, a WordPress (WP) staging solution that has been successful in multi-environment (development to staging to production) website maintenance, today announced its acquisition by Pantheon, a first-class Website Operations Platform.

My thoughts: it’s an exciting time to be alive! Pantheon powers over 285,000 sites and is a go-to resource for global marketing and development teams. This marks a significant era for the company, which is coming off a fresh $40 million Series D. This acquisition will help Pantheon roll out automated updates to the sites it manages.

Pantheon has pulled together $96.8 million in known funding and is known for managing open-source content sites like WordPress and Drupal. As it eyes larger-scale portfolios, its strategy will be to help those customers create an effective infrastructure to govern and update multiple websites.

Anyone in this industry knows that developer time can impede the rest of the tech team, so this acquisition means Pantheon will be able to relieve developers of tedious, repetitive work that can be automated through StagingPilot.

It’s a powerful acquisition as the content management system (CMS) space continues to heat up and consolidate. With other acquisitions in the space likely to follow, it will be interesting to see how the landscape changes over the next 6, 12, and 18 months.

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