Well the first WordCamp of 2022 is now to be determined. WordCamp Birmingham aka WPYall has been postponed due to Covid, #WPYall Postponed Until Spring:

As a result, the WordCamp Birmingham Organizing Team has unanimously decided to postpone WP Y’all until a future date in April or May when we can safely hold the event for our attendees.

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I had really hoped to not see this happen. I think confusion and indecision from the WordCamp mothership is only making this more frustrating for me. Here it is folks, make vaccination a requirement. Keep it simple. Not everyone will be happy but maybe we will actually have a level of in-person rather than zero.

I understand the difficulties volunteer based WordCamp organizers are having, but much of it is self created by trying to satisfy multiple constituents – these events should be as open as possible (see WordCamp Code of Conduct) but defaulting to the no-camp scenario doesn’t make sense if folks who are fully vaccinated (that means boosted as well) and are aware of the risks wish “to camp.”

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