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Assorted Links

The spooky Halloween edition of assorted links worth reviewing.

  1. Actual Scary Emergency WordPress 5.5.3 Release: “In preparing for this emergency release, a second issue caused a number of sites to be erroneously updated to version 5.5.3-alpha.”
  2. 15 WordPress Plugins Every Content [Ghoul] Needs: “Better content – as you know – is key to increasing your website traffic, collecting subscribers, building an audience, and ultimately growing your sales.”
  3. 7 WooCommerce Email Marketing Tips for Increasing Revenue [Treats]: “Email marketing still boasts the highest ROI out of any marketing channel. In some cases, it’s been known to return a whopping $40 for every $1 spent!”
  4. WordPress and Jamstack [Not Treats but CSS Tricks]: “I have lots of thoughts of my own on this and think I’m more useful as a pundit than a moderator. This is one of my favorite conversations in tech right now! So allow me to blog.”

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