This is a cursory overview of some of the ways content and blockchain are becoming integrated, this definitely bodes well for the likes of WordProof. From The New York Times, They Found a Way to Limit Big Tech’s Power: Using the Design of Bitcoin: “The experimentation with decentralized systems has nonetheless ramped up over the last month. Brave, a new browser, announced last week that it would begin integrating a blockchain-based system, known as IPFS, into its software to make web content more reliable in case big service providers went down or tried to ban sites.”

This is sweet and simple, load WordPress sites in as fast as 37ms with Cloudways!

The portion about Brave integrating directly with a content blockchain really had my head spinning. What if WordPress just became a content engine for browsers that take over the whole UI/UX aspect. This would take headless WordPress even deep into the content process but what would happen to the front end?

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