Still going crazy with lists, and advice, and blogs, and experts for #BFCM preparation (which of course will be valuable for ecommerce in the long haul). Also a little bit more about this week’s deplatforming.

WooCommerce and SMS

Ok, while not the only players in the field, Omnisend has a little bit on the value of SMS – and that people actually like it, Boosting Engagement with WooCommerce SMS Marketing: “But one marketing method many merchants fail to employ is SMS messaging, which is a missed opportunity. After all, most customers have a phone on them at all times, meaning that an SMS message is likely to reach them whenever and wherever they are.” Check out the stats links in the post. Crazy numbers!

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Commit to Delegation

I was on a GoDaddyPro meetup recently covering the freelancer work space. The speaker, Cami MacNamara, mentioned that one of the benefits of being a freelancer is that if you’re a control-freak there is no one to argue with. This is a very typical problem for founders of any business, GoWP, How To Delegate Your Way to Freedom: “A commitment to developing the skill of delegation can have a transformative effect on the culture of your agency. When you hand off a task from your plate with proper tact and positioning, it can generate a sense of pride and confidence in your team members. With the appropriate direction, delegated tasks are also opportunities to level up your team’s skills.”


Automattic responds to the deplatforming brou-ha-ha via WP Tavern, Gives Conservative Treehouse the Boot, Citing TOS Violations: “The Conservative Treehouse, a political publication hosted on for the past 10 years, is moving to a new host after receiving a notice from Automattic regarding violations of its Terms of Service.” This blew up on Monday, coincidentally WordPress Foundation was inaccessible at the same time, though don’t know if the two were related.

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