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MailPoet Deems Email Risky But Won’t Say Why

MailPoet was acquired by WooCommerce at the end of 2020, and honestly don’t know if anything has changed because of the acquisition however I received an email in my inbox from a #MorningCoffee reader about their most recent experience with emails not being sent.

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Your domain REDACTED was deemed risky by our systems, and we cannot communicate why due to security reasons. Because of that, the MailPoet Sending Service was suspended and we are no longer able to continue providing email delivery services to that site.

You can continue sending your MailPoet emails by using a third-party sending method in MailPoet > Settings > Send With… tab. Here’s more information:

Alternatively, you may want to switch to a Blogger or Agency plans so you can continue using the MailPoet Premium features and send to more than 1000 subscribers with a third-party sending method:

Thanks for understanding.

MailPoet Support

The sender does not have a list size size coming close to 1000 subscribers. To quote the sender of the email, “You’re suspended. We can’t tell you why.  Send us money and it all goes away.”

I’ve been using MailPoet for #MorningCoffee since the newsletter started and have had no issues. However the tone of that support email is concerning.

I reached out to MailPoet for comment, as of publication, I have not received a response.

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