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Morning Coffee Tuesday Twist: Vital Signs

Vital Signs

“Usually performance is synonymous with speed, mostly because it’s the most noticeable features of a website. If a page loads quickly, users are happy. If it loads slowly, businesses could potentially lose a customer for good. But how exactly can you measure and quantify page speed?” That’s the question XWP asking in a very in depth report, What Are Google Core Web Vitals? “Google has developed a tool to help answer these questions and then some. Using the PageSpeed Insights tool, users can measure their site performance and search for an agency to help them improve improve speed. These Web Vitals are essential to improving website performance, user experience, and most importantly, search ranking.”

Do the Do

“The ascendance of worker bees to remote leadership roles may provide validation – and even relief – to the legions of hard workers who have, for generations, watched charming colleagues rise to the top.” Arianne Cohen for the BBC: The surprising traits of good remote leaders.

Home Networking

“Start perhaps with a goal of reaching out to one new person each week, even if you feel satisfied with your existing contacts. In fact, the time to invest in your network is when you least need it, so by the time you do require assistance, you have created a strong support system.” NYT: How to Network From Home. Last year’s 20 or so conferences really helped!

Striped of Pay

I get it but I don’t like it at all. “Stripe Inc. plans to make a one-time payment of $20,000 to employees who opt to move out of San Francisco, New York or Seattle, but also cut their base salary by as much as 10%, according to a person familiar with the matter.” Stripe Workers Who Relocate Get $20,000 Bonus and a Pay Cut. How about I just take the $20k and you don’t have to spend the money on rent?

Trading States

“The biggest U.S. stock exchanges and major market makers are joining forces to fight a proposed tax on financial transactions under consideration by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy. Members of the newly formed coalition — such as New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, Citadel Securities and Virtu Financial — are threatening to move operations out of the state if the tax is enacted.” Trading powerhouses join exchanges in fighting N.J. tax plan. Will other states look to put on a tax meter on all sorts of transactions in the future?

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