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Patchstack Ramping Up

I’ve been really, pleasantly, surprised at what’s been going on with Patchstack since their acquisition of ThreatPress and rebrand from WebARX. To that end, they have ramped up their Red Team prize pool (note: not Deep Space 9’s Red Squad) and added a first batch of partners who will help democratize security reports for WordPress.

BigScoots: Personal. Expert. Always There. That’s Real Managed Hosting.

So slowly but surely they have improved the prize pool to $1,300:

Security researchers who report vulnerabilities to the Patchstack database are being paid for their findings.

Patchstack, with the help of supporters, has put together a monthly prize pool that has been increasing month over month. For example, the total prize pool paid out for April findings was $1100 USD.

And who is the latest sponsor in these efforts? Cloudways. From Patchstack’s release, “Cloudways has joined Patchstack in a mission to make WordPress security information more accessible to all developers. This partnership allows us to grow Patchstack Red Team and keep information about WordPress-related security vulnerabilities free at the Patchstack database.”

That’s some great open source – dare I say it – synergy.

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