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Morning Coffee for Agencies: Make a Date

The fall season is in full swing and there are a ton of valuable activities for agency owners to take part in (yeah yeah online of course). I’ve finally gotten around to updating upcoming and past events on the site, feel free to email or DM me any events coming up.

Carrying the Load

The folks at will be talking about The Importance of Load Testing your Website for Better UX on GoWP’s Niche Agency Owners Facebook Community September 16. As agencies keep looking for new avenues of (recurring) revenue, this is a very useful add-on no matter where you get it.

Reaching the Summit

There are some multi-day summits that are around the corner completely focused on WordPress agency success. The first will be WPMRR (WordPress Monthly Recurring Revenue) Summit follow be WP Agency Summit. Unlike a traditional WordCamp these are all for you the agency, so less about community and the latest in WordPress.

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