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iThemes Acquires Kadence WP

Well this is an interesting acquisition, interesting in that it totally makes sense, even more so since the WordPress themes part of iThemes has been, uh, quiet for quite some time.

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From the announcement, Kadence WP is Joining the iThemes Family!: “It’s no secret that the “themes” part of iThemes has been lacking for many years now.  While we got our start in WordPress themes in 2008, over the past 10 years, we pivoted to the more obvious needs of our customers (mainly WordPress security, backups, memberships and maintenance) as the theme marketplace got more competitive.”

Actually what’s most interesting is that the announcement isn’t just boilerplate press release stuff. It’s a really detailed post about the process and thinking, I certainly recommend reading the whole post but in case you’re being a bit lazy, here’s the outline:

  • Backstory
  • Kadence WP
    • Kadence Theme
    • Kadence Blocks
  • Why We Believe Kadence WP is the Right Fit for iThemes
  • What Does This Mean for Current Kadence WP Customers?
  • What Does This Mean for iThemes Toolkit and Agency Bundle Members?
  • What’s Coming Next for Kadence WP?
  • Questions? Join Us For a Live Townhall Webinar This Friday
  • Wrapping Up: Let’s Go Far Together

As you can see from the outline, there is a lot of content cover about the acquisition, yes some sales as well to get people on board but that’s honestly expected in this type of purchase to smooth the transition.

Congrats to iThemes and Kadence WP!

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