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How to Get Local SEO Traction Without Really Trying with Daren J Morreale

This wouldn’t normally make the featured post and rather just a link to webinars or events but – really big but – this is happening today and I just discovered that, and the story is fascinating.

BigScoots: Personal. Expert. Always There. That’s Real Managed Hosting.

Something crazy just happened. Just for fun I built a website for an Electrician business, not a real business, I just wanted to test out a local SEO strategy. And in less than three weeks I have three images, the main logo and a secondary logo on the first page of Google images at #2, and on the first page of the SERP towards the bottom just above the paid ads there are 4 or 5 images and two of them are mine. And now today I get a phone call from Home Advisor wanting to send me leads and then an email from a form on the site asking for a quote! This is bananas! I was just playing around and now I got an electrician business on my hands.

Daren J Morreale

Check out the WordPress Project Management group on Facebook for the details. Also I found this article about fast SEO basics very useful

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