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Morning Coffee for Agencies: The Power of 3

Agency agency agency, three things for today, and some even have their own threes. Did you know if you add all the digits in an integer and they add up to 9 or a multiple of 9, then that integer is divisible by 9, and be extension by 3. Math is cool!


I don’t know how many agencies actually look at other agencies, maybe mostly for competitive reason, but there is a ton you can learn from you real or faux competition. Today, courtesy of Orbit Media Studios, I recommend 3 Real Life B2B Content Marketing Strategies Driving Big Results.


SaaS providers are a wealth of great agency advice, Zapier throws it’s 3-cents in with 3 unique, comprehensive methods for generating blog traffic. Great advice, definitions, methodologies, but Pinterest? “Automate your Pinterest: When it comes to blog traffic, don’t underestimate Pinterest.” Would love to hear if people are underestimating Pinterest. Have’t looked at it in years.

Fight the Fatigue

For Wednesday August 19, pick one of these two webinars and sign up to the other to replay at your leisure. GoWP hits the ground running with Creating a Nonstop Lead Generation Process for Your Agency. If Joomla is more your speed, JUG Boston will have E-commerce Review and J2Store. And since we can’t end without three, GoDaddy Pro will have its weekly happy hour, Pre-WordCamp Minneapolis Community Social.

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