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Steadfast Partnership with NAKA

Chicago’s very own Steadfast partners with NAKA. Yes infrastructure is not as sexy as the latest and most visible WordPress sites like but these are pretty big relationships that propel business. Oh yeah, and everyone is moving to the cloud so no brainer.

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“There is an overwhelming number of name-brand cloud suppliers in the market and trying to choose a provider to help make that move into the cloud can be a scary decision”, states Tim Monner, Steadfast VP Marketing and Business Development. “Our approach is clear. Understand our customers’ unique needs and build for their success. This partnership with NAKA will directly help us both better understand the specific opportunities that customers can take advantage of and how to achieve them.” 

And …

NAKA CEO Anil Jagtiani states, “While assessing your IT infrastructure, NAKA’s Center of Excellence (CoE) team evaluate process, performance and security to provide insights into your organization’s infrastructure that helps make decisions on improving operational efficiency along with security posture. Our experts provide detailed analysis of your environment along with an intuitive roadmap for innovation and growth for organization of all sizes. However, our differentiator is customer experience that’s beyond compare with standard solutions, supported by unparalleled experts”.

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