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Breaking: 88 MPH for cPanel

And for metric users, 141.622 KPH. If you missed the reference or even what I’m talking about, cPanel just released version 88, and 88 MPH also happens to be the correct Back to the Future speed to travel in time. Pop culture references aside, this release (which effects millions of users), does take things from the past and push them forward which will be of great value to hosting customers.

Hello responsive! Listen it’s not like there was nothing responsive before at all but Webmail now ships with Roundcube 1.4, which features a new responsive theme for mobile devices, as well as compatibility with the Calendar and Contacts Server (CCS) plugin. The responsive theme resizes the Roundcube interface to match the size of your phone or tablet, making viewing your email easier and the CCS plugin allows you to manage your CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contacts) accounts from your cPanel & WHM server. Sweet.

That’s the past coming into the future and now cPanelv88 jumps forward in time to include new security and database future proofing. Having added ImunifyAV it’s so much easier to identify and scan for malware or malicious code in your customer’s PHP and static HTML files. For the database side, you can now upgrade to the latest and greatest MySQL version (MySQL 8) and avoid using end-of-life versions.

Go forth hosters and hosting companies, update this baby, for the sake of the future!

N.b. That was a lot of fun to experience and write about.

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