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GoDaddy Acquires re:amaze

Another day, another acquisition, 2021 continues to be on an acquisition pace across the board that I have not yet seen. To be honest, I had not heard of re:amaze before the announcement, but also to be honest, there are ton of chatbots out there today that look to solve various problems. I would prefer if they would solve the problem of not bothering me until I need to use it, but that’s a completely different issue.

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Let’s get to the announcement over at GoDaddy, Re:amaze Joins the GoDaddy Family: “Combining GoDaddy’s website and commerce capabilities with Re:amaze will deliver incredible value to our customers. We will integrate Re:amaze into GoDaddy’s platform – enhancing product offerings and experiences across the lineup – to give even the smallest of businesses the ability to deliver impactful customer service and engagement that drive brand loyalty and purchases. We know there are thousands of small businesses who already love Re:amaze, and we look forward to continuing to support Re:amaze’s products and customers.”

I’m guessing by the announcement, since no terms were provided, that is strictly an asset acquisition.

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