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Free Software Foundation (FSF) Continues Crisis

Talk about adding insult to injury, FSF doubles down on RMS, ostracizing future open source leaders and thinkers. Period. We all need that Don Quixote who tilts at windmills, but not the one who rides back into town and throws a torch into your house. It’s ok for leaders of movements to be reassessed, replaced, and reimagined. We do that with historical figures all the time. It’s not about canceling, it’s that the community that tolerated RMS has grown to encompass people that won’t (and shouldn’t) and good leaders recognize that, and good boards of directors acts accordingly.

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Sarah Gooding from WP Tavern, has been really on top of this: “Many corporations and individuals have distanced themselves and pulled funding from the FSF, but it has not had much impact on the leadership of the organization. The FSF board seems confident in their decision to keep Stallman in place, despite openly admitting that “his personal style remains troubling.” When the organization’s actions so sublimely repudiate its stated goals (to attract a new generation of activists for software freedom), it’s easy to see why former supporters can no longer buy into the FSF’s promises to improve transparency and accountability.” Check out the entire piece, Free Software Foundation Unrelenting on Stallman Reinstatement: “We Missed His Wisdom”.

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