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JAMstack Mashup

As a relative novice to the JAMstack platform, I’ve tried to keep some tabs on what’s going on since the whole WordPress vs JAMstack debate went into high gear. I did get to interview Matt Biilmann during this period and learned more about the economy and platform. For ongoing JAMStack updates JAMstacked is my go to newsletter (n.b. I should make a list of newsletters like the The Podcast List and TheHost List). I’m cribbing a couple items from a recent newsletter.

BigScoots: Personal. Expert. Always There. That’s Real Managed Hosting.

Crib number one, Web Almanac, a fascinating project in its own right, Part III Chapter 17 Jamstack: “More than 0.7% of web pages are powered by Jamstack and breaks down to 0.72% on desktop, up from 0.40% in 2019, and 0.68% on mobile, up from 0.27% in 2019.”

Crib number two, you knew these tools would start appearing and I believe the growth in migration tools (to and from WordPress) will be huge in 2021, Smashing Magazine, How To Migrate From WordPress To The Eleventy Static Site Generator: “You don’t have to convert your entire site over all at once, either. If you have a complicated setup, you might start small and see how you feel about static site generation before putting together a plan to solve something at an enterprise scale. You can also keep using WordPress as a best-in-class headless content management system and use an SSG to serve WordPress content.”

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