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WordPress Community vs WordPress Economy

There are so many people involved – and billions of dollars – that wordpressing (intentional spelling, defined as building infrastructure for, or deploying content on the internet) is seeing WordPress community ideals and business goals start bumping up against each other more and more often. Recently we had issues around and Bluehost trademark use […]

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GoDaddy Amps Up WooCommerce Offering

With GoDaddy Pro launching The Hub earlier this month, it looks like a full court press from GoDaddy on other aspects of the ecosystem. Over at TechRadar, GoDaddy and WordPress want to supercharge your ecommerce site: “Following its acquisition of SkyVerge last year, GoDaddy has announced that it will make the company’s WooCommerce extensions available […]

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WordCamp Reports

I was directed to this when going through WordPress Foundation financials. It’s a long story but suffice it to say that over at the Post Status slack, Timi Wahalahti pointed me in the right direction. If you are into the operations side of what happens at WordCamps, I highly recommend going to WordCamp Central Reports. […]

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Making WordFest 2021

I have a big soft spot for Big Orange Heart (BOH) and their most recent event WordFest. They are volunteers in working in a complicated environment to support the complexities of mental health for remote workers. You can’t imagine the needs that have occurred over the last year. To support the BOH mission, WordFest 2021 […]

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Elementor Pricing Surprise

It’s definitely a surprise! Whether you find it a good or bad one will certainly depend upon your current plan or if you will subscribing starting March 9, 2021. In an email this morning Announcing Elementor Pro New Pricing Model and Plans, we get the following: “We don’t want to distract you from making awesome […]

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The New GoDaddy Pro

Officially launching February 8, GoDaddy has created The Hub by GoDaddy Pro (“The Hub”), a reimagining of GoDaddy Pro, what it means for WordPress on GoDaddy, and expanding upon an outreach to open source that began with the acquisition of ManageWP in 2016. For almost 10 years (2009-2018), Mendel Kurland was a huge influence in […]

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Selecting the Right WordPress Host

I’ve used many many hosts over the years, and even back in the day self hosted a number of environments, PHP of course, but also Tomcat Java servers (the configuration of which was insane at the time). These days hosting is beyond trivial for end users and baseline expectations are quite commoditized. So how do […]

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WordPress Releases for 02/2021

Looks like we have a busy WordPress week, scheduled for February 2, 2021 is WordPress beta 1, the overall scope includes: The main goal for 2021 is Full Site Editing via Gutenberg (edited for clarity: this is not THE scope for 5.7 but an ongoing effort 😊).You can read the status report, join the FSE […]