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Kanban for WordPress Acquired

Some not so breaking news, this was announced May 7, Under New Management: “As of today, Kanban for WordPress is under new management! The teams behind Alpha Particle and Flowspoke have come together to take over Kanban for WordPress and take it through the rest of 2021 and beyond.” It’s simple and sweet and maybe […]

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Reaction Moves from Marketing to Digital

Ok, this is a guilty pleasure update about an agency I’ve personally known for a long time. They’re based out of Canada, and I met their CEO, Mike Szyszka, back in the Joomla days. I’ve been able to see Reaction grow and evolve for over a decade, now of course WordPress focused, and they just […]

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Patchstack Ramping Up

I’ve been really, pleasantly, surprised at what’s been going on with Patchstack since their acquisition of ThreatPress and rebrand from WebARX. To that end, they have ramped up their Red Team prize pool (note: not Deep Space 9’s Red Squad) and added a first batch of partners who will help democratize security reports for WordPress. […]

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All FLoCed Up aka CASHing Out

I first published a few weeks ago on What the FLoC? and since then, major projects have pushed back against the CASH scheme. From TechRadar, GitHub is blocking FLoC: “In addition to disabling FLoC in GitHub Pages, GitHub’s main website also now uses this new HTTP header according to BleepingComputer. This means that the company […]

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WordPress Announces Openverse Project

This is both a pleasant surprise and awesome show of how a major open source project can extend the benefits of open source in new directions. Let’s go in a bit of chronological order. First we have Matt Mullenweg’s announcement on April 27, CC Search to join “I am a long-time supporter of Creative Commons and […]

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Automattic Brings Woo to WooCommerce

Elliot Silver breaks the news,, Acquired by WooCommerce: “The domain name had been registered at Network Solutions under Whois privacy, and the domain name status changed. is still registered at Network Solutions, but instead of Whois privacy, the domain name registrant information shows “REDACTED FOR PRIVACY (DT),” likely due to California privacy […]

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What the FLoC?

Another acronym. Created by Google. Hold onto your hats as a new “privacy” scheme is exposed for what it really is. Let’s start with what FLoC stands for, “Federated Learning of Cohorts.” That’s super clear to everyone? How about a breakdown of what everything means. Federated. Learning. Cohorts. So “federated” in this description quite simply […]

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It’s about one week old as of publishing but this acquisition has made a bit of noise in the WordPress community, with a lot of people comparing this acquisition to one’s made by GoDaddy. Over at TechRadar, owner snaps up WordPress experts WP Media: “While group.ONE hopes to extend the use of WP Media’s […]

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CloudFest 2021 Recap Mashup

CloudFest 2021 was held March 23 – 25 online. Was going to do my own post conference review but I just didn’t have as much time to fully appreciate it that would warrant a recap. Luckily we have three other recaps from which we can pull. What is CloudFest? CloudFest has a long history and […]