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Cloudways and Patchstack

There have been a ton of announcements regarding acquisitions, partnerships, and more. I thought I’d pick this one up for two reasons, one and a disclosure, I am the Director of WordPress at Cloudways, and two, it’s a bit of work I’m very glad we’ve been able to make it happen since it contributes back […]

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WordPress Announces Openverse Project

This is both a pleasant surprise and awesome show of how a major open source project can extend the benefits of open source in new directions. Let’s go in a bit of chronological order. First we have Matt Mullenweg’s announcement on April 27, CC Search to join “I am a long-time supporter of Creative Commons and […]

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Wix vs. WordPress, The Final Word

If you’re not into watching the WordPress community chatter like a hawk, you might have missed it, but earlier this month something odd starting happening. Queue the music. Background Wix started sending mysterious packages to known names in the community. The secret package contained some fancy Bose headphones and a link to a “top secret” […]

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Squarespace at $10 Billion

TechCrunch gets into the nitty gritty of who and how much, Squarespace raises $300M at a staggering $10B valuation: “The online website creation and hosting service — which has now expanded into e-commerce by hosting online stores — then raised another $40 million round in 2014. But it is perhaps best known for its epic […]

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Free Software Foundation (FSF) in Crisis

I did not expect to see this come across the desk this week, let’s begin with a snippet from the official letter, An open letter to remove Richard M. Stallman from all leadership positions: “We are calling for the removal of the entire Board of the Free Software Foundation. These are people who have enabled and […]

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WordPress Community vs WordPress Economy

There are so many people involved – and billions of dollars – that wordpressing (intentional spelling, defined as building infrastructure for, or deploying content on the internet) is seeing WordPress community ideals and business goals start bumping up against each other more and more often. Recently we had issues around and Bluehost trademark use […]

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WordCamp Reports

I was directed to this when going through WordPress Foundation financials. It’s a long story but suffice it to say that over at the Post Status slack, Timi Wahalahti pointed me in the right direction. If you are into the operations side of what happens at WordCamps, I highly recommend going to WordCamp Central Reports. […]