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Modern Marketing Terms

Continuing the “list a day” for December, today’s focus will be about the madness of marketing terms, The New York Times, The Strange Language of Modern Marketing: “Every industry has its argot, but people who work in the advertising “space” seem to love insider language more than most. In news releases, ad copy and earnings […]

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Assorted Links

The spooky Halloween edition of assorted links worth reviewing. Actual Scary Emergency WordPress 5.5.3 Release: “In preparing for this emergency release, a second issue caused a number of sites to be erroneously updated to version 5.5.3-alpha.” 15 WordPress Plugins Every Content [Ghoul] Needs: “Better content – as you know – is key to increasing your […]

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Morning Coffee: Just Show Up

The brilliant Kim Doyal must be channeling me, ok that’s not even close to reality but I do like to say #AlwaysBeThere. Kim has put together a piece and podcast on her thoughts for #JustShowUP, What it Means to Just Show UP: “Nothing will grow your business faster than taking complete responsibility for everything … […]