The Future of Hosting with Open Source

Open source hosting quickly continues to rise as one of the most popular hosting solutions available. Why? It enables the creation of both dynamic and static sites without breaking the bank on software licensing. There’s an angle for every business type - whether personal, small, medium, or large. 

It also goes hand-in-hand with open source content management systems, which are quickly becoming the backbone of digital transformation and an essential tool for the enterprise.

Customer Lifecycle Amidst a Digital Revolution

We’re at a stage where companies and enterprises are reevaluating customer lifecycle marketing through the lens of digital transformation. That envelops every aspect of marketing, from content management to the technology behind it - including hosting. Your brand’s digital experience is tethered like a web across various media and channels - from your website and blogs to apps, social media, and more. 

As consumer behavior continues to evolve, a brand’s digital experience must match each step. According to the Adobe 2016 Digital Trends Report, 76% of those surveyed thought “that Marketing had changed more in the past 2 years than in the previous 50.” That’s an eye-opening statistic. 

It’s one that smart businesses will look to as a nod toward digital transformation as a competitive opportunity. 

Why Open Source is Key to Remaining Competitive

A recent Future of Open Source survey by North Bridge and Black Duck highlights the fact that 90% of respondents say open source improves efficiency, interoperability, and innovation. 

Also noted in the study: more than 65% said they leverage open source software (OSS) to speed application development and over 55% said they leverage OSS for product infrastructure. 

Among the advantages of open source, ability to customize and fix ranks highly. Again, OSS comes out as a leader in remaining strategic and competitive

Open Source Hosting 

Open source hosting is a key component to keeping pace with the digital transformation age as well as effectively managing open source projects. Major hosting providers like Bluehost and SiteGround offer open source web solutions to support businesses actively engaged in open source projects. 

Developers dedicated to open source (whether it’s Joomla!, WordPress, or Drupal) value open source hosting for the agility, speed and scalability that helps open source projects soar. The number of developers actively engaged in open source projects is on the rise. Looking back to the Future of Open Source survey, 67% of companies surveyed reported actively encouraging developers to engage in and contribute to open source projects. 

Open Source - The Next Frontier

It’s clear that open source isn’t going anywhere...except up. Among the top key insights from the survey, the most prominent is the fact that open source is the architecture of today. It is the foundation for almost all applications, operating systems, cloud computing, databases, big data, and more. 

But open source isn’t perfect - and enterprises aren’t, either. 

There is plenty of room for improvement, which is where the focus will need to be for businesses to continue to reap the benefits of open source. The survey notes only 1 in 3 companies have a full-time resource dedicated to open source projects. We will need to see more dedicated resources in the open source realm for it to really sustain growth and efficacy.

Companies also need improved ways to handle known open source vulnerabilities. Almost a third of companies from the survey reported having no process in place to identify, track, or remediate known open source vulnerabilities. Given the recent rash of breaches (looking at you, Equifax), we know how that story ends.