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WordCamp Europe 2021 a Success

We just completed three days of good old WordCamp Europe, and for a virtual conference I have to give it a full five out five stars. The sessions were great, the platform, Hublio, is really a pleasure to navigate. I was able to run through quickly, easily, message, and meet people. As much as I […]

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WordCamp Europe 2021 Underway

Short and sweet, #WCEU is underway through June 9. The virtual platform selected is really easy to navigate and friendlier then some I’ve seen over the last year. The best part, is that sessions are short and sweet, which is something I’m a big fan of for virtual events. The schedule is packed solid with […]

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WordCamp Reports

I was directed to this when going through WordPress Foundation financials. It’s a long story but suffice it to say that over at the Post Status slack, Timi Wahalahti pointed me in the right direction. If you are into the operations side of what happens at WordCamps, I highly recommend going to WordCamp Central Reports. […]

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WordCamps Are Back Again?

Well not quite today, or even tomorrow, or likely even this year, but meetups may actually have an opportunity in the near future to get people in the same room. Over at, Proposal: Decision making checklist for safe, in-person meetups, has been submitted for discussion and feedback (due by Friday, January 15, 2021). This […]

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A Very 2020 State of the Word Announced

Announced yesterday afternoon at, the annual State of the Word will delivered by the project co-founder, Matt Mullenweg, on December 17th, 2020 at 1600 UTC (10:00 AM CT). Continuing with so much being online, this year the keynote will be streamed on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Now will we be missing queueing up in […]

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WordCamp Mexico 2020 Kicks Off

I’m really excited for the last WordCamp of 2020 – unless there is something sneaky happening – maybe a State of the Word? Now if your Spanish is as good as mine (which it isn’t), using Google Translate to walk through the site works just great. Given that we really don’t know when or even […]

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The number of WordCamps left for 2020 is minuscule so it was with great pleasure that I attended the virtual WordCamp Minneapolis. I didn’t see a single technical issue