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Cloudways and Patchstack

There have been a ton of announcements regarding acquisitions, partnerships, and more. I thought I’d pick this one up for two reasons, one and a disclosure, I am the Director of WordPress at Cloudways, and two, it’s a bit of work I’m very glad we’ve been able to make it happen since it contributes back […]

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Patchstack Ramping Up

I’ve been really, pleasantly, surprised at what’s been going on with Patchstack since their acquisition of ThreatPress and rebrand from WebARX. To that end, they have ramped up their Red Team prize pool (note: not Deep Space 9’s Red Squad) and added a first batch of partners who will help democratize security reports for WordPress. […]

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Patchstack Launches Security Community

Following up on my original post, WP Tavern today adds more details and color to Patchstack’s background and SaaS transition, WebARX Rebrands To Patchstack, Combines Services To Focus on WordPress Plugin and Theme Security: “In 2018, WebARX launched the first version of its security platform and grew to 3,000 users. Earlier this month, the company […]

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In an update to the theft of, Brian D Foy tells us the whole story, The Hijacking of, and the What we think happened section is very enlightening: “This part veers into some speculation, and wasn’t the only victim. We think that there was a social engineering attack on Network Solutions, including […]

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Open Source Developers Hate Maintenance

It’s great to have a survey that backs up a whole ton of anecdotal stories experiences, open source developers hate maintenance, TechRepublic, Open-source developers say securing their code is a soul-withering waste of time: “A new survey of the free and open-source software (FOSS) community conducted by the Linux Foundation suggests that contributors spend less […]

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WordPress 5.6 and REST API

One of the biggest updates in WordPress 5.6 involves the REST API. While most users may not directly interact with this level of coding, it is a critical component for plugins and SaaS based services. Among many incremental upgrades is the addition of Application Passwords. In fact you may have seen application specific passwords already, […]

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Assorted Links

Sometimes there is just too much content to comment on appropriately so here we have some assorted links that are worth reviewing. The Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting Control Panels, “Before web hosting control panels, most website and server management tasks required a great deal of technological know-how.” Loginizer Plugin Gets Forced Security Update for […]