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Yoast on Shopify

Hot off the presses, We have big news: Yoast SEO is coming to Shopify! Well well well, definitely should’ve seen this coming, it’s a natural way to expand their market – but is this a harbinger of where the WordPress ecosystem may be headed? Let me spare you the suspense. The short answer is no. […]

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Yats are the New Emoji

Sometimes I go down the rabbit hole on my own journeys for what’s going on across the internet. Sometimes someone is persistent enough about a new technology or application that it bears research, time, and even spending some money. Similar to how the PSL story was brought to my attention, kudos go out to Mike […]

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Everything is AAS

There’s a new AAS (as a service) in town. What, another acronym service? Why another acronym service? Actually, it’s Website as a Service (WaaS). Is this some new Elon Musk created future tech? The truth is much much less exciting. It’s an acronym wrapped around stuff that we’ve been using for decades. Let’s take a […]

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Site Upgrades are Difficult

Over the weekend Feedly, the RSS aggregator tool for millions, had to perform a massive upgrade. Feedly announced on their blog and twitter that this would be occurring. Just shortly before the upgrade began, Feedly announced on Twitter, “Starting maintenance. The and the Feedly mobile applications will be offline for the next 2 hours. […]

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The Best Calendar and Scheduler Combo

This was inspired by two recent items. The first was a request for email and calendaring options at Post Status, and the second was an upsell email at Calendly. My needs are probably not very uncommon, especially for freelancers, independent consultants, and solopreneurs. Google Workspace First and foremost is my choice of “office” platform. I’ve […]

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WordPress Community vs WordPress Economy

There are so many people involved – and billions of dollars – that wordpressing (intentional spelling, defined as building infrastructure for, or deploying content on the internet) is seeing WordPress community ideals and business goals start bumping up against each other more and more often. Recently we had issues around and Bluehost trademark use […]

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The Growing Subscription Service Model

I would love this post about subscriptions even without the yours truly quote. Subscription models are not going anywhere and frankly will be the way the universe works for, well, probably ever. They are ultimately good for end users and well as the vendors. From cPanel’s post, Join The Club: The Growing Subscription Service Model: […]

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Morning Coffee: .TRUST

So this is a little breaking news in the domain name ecosystem, fresh in my inbox from Jothan Frakes, .TRUST TLD moves from NCC Group to UNR (Uniregistry). There are so many top-level domains (TLDs) that it’s hard to keep track but surprised this one hasn’t had more play this year. In the domain name […]

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The Most Transparent Acquisition

The news today from Baremetrics is that Josh Pigford has sold it to Xenon Partners. Which is good news in general but the real news is how open and transparent Josh is about the details, I sold Baremetrics. Seriously, you never see this in a private transaction: Purchase Price: $4,000,000 in cash What I walk away […]