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All FLoCed Up aka CASHing Out

I first published a few weeks ago on What the FLoC? and since then, major projects have pushed back against the CASH scheme. From TechRadar, GitHub is blocking FLoC: “In addition to disabling FLoC in GitHub Pages, GitHub’s main website also now uses this new HTTP header according to BleepingComputer. This means that the company […]

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The Domain Privacy Battle

This topic is very interesting and yet at the same time – at least to me – difficult to grasp. I’m hoping in my discussing this here, I’ll actually understand it better. Let’s get to the topic at hand. There is something in the domain space called the PSL (Public Suffix List). So the first […]

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What the FLoC?

Another acronym. Created by Google. Hold onto your hats as a new “privacy” scheme is exposed for what it really is. Let’s start with what FLoC stands for, “Federated Learning of Cohorts.” That’s super clear to everyone? How about a breakdown of what everything means. Federated. Learning. Cohorts. So “federated” in this description quite simply […]