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DigitalOcean’s Premium Droplets

As you can imagine with the advent of cloud infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud, Linode, Digital Ocean, Vultr, etc.) there has been a race for performance value. Digital Ocean (DO) is one of the more recognizable names and they announced performance going up to 11 back in February, Introducing Premium Droplets with faster Intel and AMD […]

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Morning Coffee: Cloudflares Up

Cloudflare has been on a roll over the last week, first with a privacy focused analytics platform and now WordPress focused optimization, from WP Tavern, Cloudflare Launches Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress: “The effects of using APO are similar to hosting static files on a CDN, but without the need to manage a complicated tech […]

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Morning Coffee: Speedy WordPress

Speedy WordPress There are a lot of ways to improve WordPress speed and the first course of action is almost always looking at what your web host can do. Let’s begin with a “let’s begin” from Tom Rankin, Torque, How to Scale Your WordPress Website: “Let’s begin with a brief discussion on what we mean […]

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The Art of WordPress Load Testing

With an ever growing need to have instantaneous website access, load testing is getting a lot more traction in the conversation. In fact load testing is just one part of a full suite of metrics for measuring everything from speed with no one on your site to maxed-out crazy holiday shopping season performance. Your site’s […]