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Morning Coffee: Cloudflares Up

Cloudflare has been on a roll over the last week, first with a privacy focused analytics platform and now WordPress focused optimization, from WP Tavern, Cloudflare Launches Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress: “The effects of using APO are similar to hosting static files on a CDN, but without the need to manage a complicated tech […]

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Morning Coffee: Speedy WordPress

Speedy WordPress There are a lot of ways to improve WordPress speed and the first course of action is almost always looking at what your web host can do. Let’s begin with a “let’s begin” from Tom Rankin, Torque, How to Scale Your WordPress Website: “Let’s begin with a brief discussion on what we mean […]

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The Art of WordPress Load Testing

With an ever growing need to have instantaneous website access, load testing is getting a lot more traction in the conversation. In fact load testing is just one part of a full suite of metrics for measuring everything from speed with no one on your site to maxed-out crazy holiday shopping season performance. Your site’s […]