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Networking (again) in Person

I’ve really missed the “real” networking of days long ago. Constant Zooms, Slacks, and digital communication have been invaluable but nothing – nothing – beats sitting across from someone and having a conversation with all the nuance, physical responses, smiles, frowns, laughs and more. In person networking is coming back. Yesterday I was able to […]

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Virtual Events, One Year Later

Almost one year ago, or 10 years ago depending on how your Pandemic Clock is running, we were seeing the last of in-person events. My last event was WordCamp Miami 2020. The memories are so clear, yet seem to have occurred eons ago. Looking back at the BetweenSessions I had written really shows how little […]

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Hopin Acquires StreamYard

If you’ve been attending virtual events you have most likely used Hopin at some point in the last year, or even prior to the pandemic. Jamstack Conf was one of the conferences I attended in 2020 on the Hopin platform. They describe themselves as “a virtual venue built for connecting people, and flexible to fit […]