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Waiting to Act Doesn’t Really Help

First I have to thank David Fisher of RockStar Consulting, for allowing me to repost in its entirety his article today, Acting Perfectly in an Imperfect World. Second, why I really like this post is because it definitely applies to more than just politics. With that, the full post: It’s the day before the national […]

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Morning Coffee for Ecommerce: Trending

It’s Thursday so ecommerce, WooCommerce, all the commerces! There are some interesting events that you can still sign up for to expand your horizons: first thing this morning we have Demo Day 2020 ,the final show of Kiuas Accelerator – showcasing the 16 most promising early-stage startups in Finland. Also concurrently we have the last day of 5to9 (I’ll be speaking at 11am CT), and finally WordPress London Meetup 12th Anniversary this afternoon.

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Morning Coffee Monday Mashup: Get to Work

So first, the weekend newsletter Pot of Coffee is open for business, catchup on what you may have missed during the week. Second, Monday’s will be focused on a bunch of topics that are not more focused on WordPress, ecommerce, agencies, or open source. You’ll see more about hosting, infrastructure, and the financial side of […]