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WP Feedback is Now Atarim

Vito Peleg announced that WP Feedback is now Atarim. Why the name? Well, the literal meaning of “Atarim” is “Websites” in Hebrew – which is Vito’s native language. Vito goes on to explain the rebrand, “A literal name (Like WP FeedBack) signals to people what you are straight out of the gate, but it’s limiting […]

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The New GoDaddy Pro

Officially launching February 8, GoDaddy has created The Hub by GoDaddy Pro (“The Hub”), a reimagining of GoDaddy Pro, what it means for WordPress on GoDaddy, and expanding upon an outreach to open source that began with the acquisition of ManageWP in 2016. For almost 10 years (2009-2018), Mendel Kurland was a huge influence in […]

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Sponsor of the Week: GoDaddy Pro

GoDaddy just launched the new GoDaddy Pro, an experience tailored to the unique needs of website designers and developers. At its heart is the Hub, a platform designed to be the ultimate tool for website and project management. People who use the Hub report saving, on average, three hours each month for every site they’re maintaining for clients. If you’re ready to start getting back that kind of […]