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Club Jacobi, One Night Only

So it’s my birthday, not today, but close enough, and it is a Saturday. I’ve certainly been missing going out and having fun with friends. What to do … what to do … Lo and behold! Jason Nickerson has come to the rescue and set up a Twitch birthday! From 5-7pm CT, join in with […]

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The Best Webcam You Already Have

For our latest update, thought I would mention that there is a new exciting application call mmhmm that might be used in conjunction or instead of ManyCam. Eagerly waiting for the beta invite. iPhone 5s Fun (June 2020) Short and sweet update, finally found the old iPhone I knew was somewhere, an iPhone 5S. A […]

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I Just Got PastaDropped

So I just got PastaDropped (it’s a verb now right?) courtesy of Mike Demo and Web Ventures. So first, thank you. And now a bit about the PastaDrop experience. I had just heard of this right before the sales closed. Yup, that’s right you can’t drop pasta anymore but the site is still fun to […]

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Big Screen Zoom

As a followup to today’s #MorningCoffee linking to a MacWorld article, I have been pondering this exact setup. Since my home office is not really setup for such a layout (oh and I would somehow have to have an extra tv) I’ve created a mini-version of this. Using an old Dell monitor that can be […]

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Toni Kukoc talks ‘Last Dance’

This is honestly not the type of show that would normally grab my attention. Yes, I am a Chicagoan but not a basketball fan. I greatly enjoyed the magic and energy of the Bulls dynasty during their playoff runs but outside of that I’d rather be watching (or suffering through) Bears football. Regardless I have […]

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Best Blade Runner Mashup Ever

The Verge: Watch the weird cinematic rabbit hole that is Blade Runner: The Lost Cut Blade Runner: The Lost Cut is described as “a radical re-envisioning of Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi classic,” it’s created by filmmaker Leon Chase, and it’s about 20 minutes long. Radical is not even close to describing the experience. Not only […]

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Bialy Hates Linux

Unknown local WordPress guy cheers up neighborhood in penguin costume! First, I take no credit for this random bit of fun. Second, I really wish I thought of this (and had my own penguin costume).